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    ‘This English singer songwriter takes us on a personal journey. These are simple folk songs that will quieten a room and settle to a place in your heart.’ I am in the midst of recording my debut solo album ‘Clumsy Talk’ set for release in early 2017. I am working with the kind and talented people at Inspiral Records, MCM Studio in Saigon, Vietnam. I’m a singer songwriter, hailing from Derbyshire and London in the UK. I play melodic, acoustic little ditties. Go here to listen. Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/clairerobbin Previously I was in the noisy and shoegazey four-piece London band, MILK –milknoise.bandcamp.com These days as a solo outfit, I write a lot of songs, practice and record. I gig often, mainly in Saigon Vietnam, and occasionally in London and Manchester UK. Find me at www.clairerobbin.com Influences include; Nick Drake, Martha Tilston, Slowdive, Low, Neil Young, and Nico.

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